Last Updated 10/11/2021

Argent Archer - 'KIA ORA, Greetings from Maoriland' Postcard list

 Assigned No.  Description  Printer  Images
  1   Group picture, twenty three in total, with Maggie Papakura seated centre right in her red scarf   Miles of London  
  2   Two lines of men and one of women (the latter seated)   Miles of London Archer 3
  3   A line of six men, standing behind six men kneeling, with a taiaha wielding leader at right (thirteen total)   Miles of London Archer 1
  4   Two lines of six men, one standing - facing left, one kneeling - facing right, leader has taiaha over his shoulder (thirteen total)   Miles of London  
  5   One woman lying down on a kiwi-feather korowai   Miles of London  
  6   Two women in kiwi-feather korowai, standing   Miles of London  
  7   Three women wrapped in kiwi-feather korowai, central one seated   Miles of London image001a
  8   Four women standing in a line   Miles of London  
  9   Two lines of women (three seated, four standing)   Miles of London Archer 2
  10   Mrs Hiini & her baby (born in England)   Miles of London Archer cards

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