Wanganui Generic Comic Postcards – excerpt from article in Issue 93

by Bruce Isted.     

Of all picture postcard categories, the comic themed card is the most widely collected.

They range from satire to the rich belly laughs evoked by the traditional card. Often having double-meanings or witty sayings accompanied by clever designs. It is amazing that the humour of yesterday is still crisp today. Most were produced from the early to mid-1900s in Great Britain without any modification. Some were produced specifically for sale in New Zealand. Many are termed “generic” comic postcards, produced inBritain but had overprinted captions, incorporating local town names; eg “Wanganui” being one of them.

. . .   Animals have always been popular subjects to depict on postcards. Birds and dogs are the most popular.  And this is no exception for them being used in a comical way, hinting that Wanganui does have a lot to offer. But hey just watch out as the place may have too much to offer – especially going on the condition of the dog!




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