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F.T Marble Opalette postcards

- Last updated 18 October 2017
Compiled by Ross Alexander


Marble Opalette FT Series








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 Lower Waitakeri Falls, North Auckland, N.Z.




 Giant Kauri Tree , Auckland, N.Z.




 Auckland Harbour from Ponsonby




 Pitt Street Methodist Church, Auckland




 Art Gallery, Auckland, N.Z.

 Photo by Winkelmann



 Albert Park, Auckland, N.Z.




 Rangitoto from North Shore, Auckland, N.Z.




 Lake Takapuna, Auckland, N.Z.




 Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland, N.Z.




 Grammar School , Auckland, N.Z.




 Supreme Court , Auckland, N.Z.




 Sunset, Auckland Harbour

 Coloured postcard



 Queen Street, Auckland, N.Z.




 Queen Street, Auckland, N.Z.




 St Pauls Church , Auckland, N.Z.




 Costley Home, Auckland, N.Z.




 Auckland Harbour from Devonport, N.Z.




 Grammar School, Auckland, N.Z.




 Crater Mt Eden , Auckland, N.Z.




 Mt Eden, Auckland, N.Z. 




 Public Library , Auckland, N.Z.




 Albert Park , Auckland, N.Z.




 The Hospital , Auckland, N.Z.




 Auckland Harbour, N.Z. showing Glenalvon




 Rocky Point, Thames N.Z.




 Wayside Travellers Driving Sheep to Waikato Market




 Waipa River, Waikato, N.Z.




 On the Waihou River, Te Aroha

 Photo by Tibbutt



 Main Street,  Te Aroha from the Domain

 Photo by Tibbutt



 The Lagoon off the Waihou River, Te Aroha




 Waterfall Te Aroha

 Photo by Tibbutt



 Te Aroha Domain , showing the Waihou River in Flood

 Photo by Tibbutt



 Post Office, Cambridge, N.Z.




 Traffic Bridge Waikato River Cambridge, N.Z.




 Main Street, Cambridge, N.Z.




 Hapuawhenua Viaduct,  the longest viaduct on the Main Trunk Rly, N.Z.

 Photo by Tibbutt



 The Makatote Viaduct N.I.M.T.  Railway, N.Z.

 Photo by Tibbutt



 The Makatote Viaduct N.I.M.T.  Railway, N.Z.

 Photo by Tibbutt



 Main Trunk Express Entering Tunnel, Taihape 




 Mt Ngaruahoe from Mt Tongariro




 Mt Ngauruhoe N.I.M.T.  Rly




 Ruapehu from above the Raurimu Spiral, N.I.M.T.  Rly




 Mt Ruapehu from Karioi Plains




 Mt Ngauruhoe  from Tokannu Road, N.Z.




 Maori Warrior 

 Denton Photo



 Ngakpa, Maori Warrior 




 Kewhe Taukau, Maori Chief




 Paora Tuhaere




 Taurau Kukupa, Whangarei




 Maori Chief




 Maori Beauties, N.Z.




 A Famous Maori Beauty, Whakarewarewa




 Maori Woman And Child

 Denton Photo



 Maori Maidens




 Maori Salutation




 Little Nursemaids in Maoriland




 Two Maori Boys, N.Z.

 Photo by Denton



 Maori Girl in Canoe, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Group of Maoris, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Old Maori Whare, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Canoe Constructing,  N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Maori Childrens Haka

 Denton Photo



 Poi Dancers




 Maori Children, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 The Lost White Terraces




 The Lost Pink Terraces




 The Lost Pink Terraces 

 New Year Greeting 



 Hot Water Cups, White Terraces




 Maoris Children Bathing




 Maoris Cooking, Whakarewarewa




 Maoris Catching Pennies in a Hot Pool at Rotorua N.Z.




 A Haka for a Penny, Rotorua,N.Z.




 Maori Children in Hot Pool,  Ohinemutu, Rotorua, N.Z.




 Maori Kitchen, Whakarewarewa




 Hinemoa's Bath, Mokoia Island

 Photo by Winkelmann



 Ohinemutu, Rotorua, N.Z.




 Boiling Mud Whakarewarewa, N.Z.




 Boiling Cauldron Okareki Korako, Rotorua

 Photo by Archer



 Sanatorium Grounds, Rotorua, N.Z.




 Mangapapa Falls, Lake Waikaremoana

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Aniwaniwa Falls, Lake Waikare-Moana

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Moonlight Lake Waikare Moana

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Waihirere Falls near Gisborne




 Papa-o-korito Falls, Lake Waikare Moana

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Te Reinga Falls near Gisborne




 Mt Egmont, N.Z.




 Mt Egmont, N.Z.




 Mt Egmont from Maori Settlement Parihaka




 Mt Egmont, N.Z.




 The Last Rays of "Evening", Sugar Loaf, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 "Sparkling Waters", The Breakwater, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 The Sugar Loaves , New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Reflections Sugar Loaves & Breakwater, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Railway Station, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Anglican Church , New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Gardens, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Gardens, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth, N.Z.




 Main Sreet, Eltham, N.Z.




 Bowling Green, Eltham, N.Z.




 Eltham, N.Z., General View




 High Street, Hawera, N.Z.




 Fire Brigade Station, Hawera, N.Z.




 The Anglican Church. Wanganui, N.Z.




 Monument,. Fire Ball Hill, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Wanganui River, N.Z.




 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui, N.Z.




 General View, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Railway Bridge, Aramoho, N.Z.




 Race Course Grounds, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Racecourse Grounds, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Technical School, Wanganui, N.Z.




 The Wharf, Wanganui, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Excursionists leaving Wanganui for up river

 Denton Photo



 Moutoa Gardens, Wanganui, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 A Glimpse of Wanganui and River, N.Z.




 Railway Station, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Cooks Gardens, Wanganui, N.Z.




 The Girls College, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Garden and Courthouse, Wanganui, N.Z.




 Parekino Reach, Wanagnui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 On the Wanganui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Tawhitinui, Wanganui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Galatea , Wanganui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Wanganui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 On the Wanganui River

 Denton Photo



 Wanganui River, N.Z.

 Denton Photo



 Post Office, Marton, N.Z.




 Taihape, N.Z.




 Hautapu River,  Taihape, N.Z.




 New Wesleyan Church, Taihape, N.Z.




 Taihape, N.Z.




 Railway Station, Feilding, N.Z.




 Post Office, Feilding, N.Z.




 Technical School, Feilding, N.Z.




 Fergusson Street, Feilding, N.Z.




 Railway Station , Palmerston North




 Fountain in Square, Palmerston North, N.Z.




 Old Toll Bridge, Manawatu Gorge, N.Z.




 Manawatu Gorge, N.Z.




 Manawatu Gorge, N.Z.




 Manawatu Gorge, N.Z. , River, Road and Rail




 Bridge over Manawatu River near Woodville, N.Z.




 Breakwinds. Rimutaka Incline

 Photo by Winzenberg



 Ascending Rimutaka Incline Grade 1 in 15)




 Post Office Triangle, Wellington




 Cuba St and Entrance Town Hall, Wellington, N.Z.




 At Karori Reservoir, Wellington, N.Z.




 Breakers, Island Bay, Wellington, N.Z. 




 Entrance to Port Nicholson, Wellington, N.Z.




 Wellington, N.Z. from Kelburne




 Government Buildings, Wellington, N.Z.




 The Nurses Home, Wellington, N.Z.




 Willis Street Wellington, N.Z.  looking South




 Lambton Quay Looking South




 Wharf Scene, Wellington, N.Z.




 Basin Reserve , Wellington, N.Z.




 BNZ Corner Willis St and Lambton Quay, Wellington, N.Z.




 The Post Office Triangle, Wellington, N.Z.




 New School Wellington College, N.Z.




 Convent Thorndon, Wellington, N.Z.




 Days Bay, Wellington, N.Z.




 Town Hall, Wellington, N.Z.




 A Busy Day on the Wharf, Wellington, N.Z.




 Rotunda Botanical Gardens Wellington, N.Z.




 Karori Reservoir, Wellington, N.Z.




 Express leaving Wellington for Auckland




 West Coast Road N.Z. Dividing Peg Canterbury& Westland




 Lake Kanieri, Hokitika, N.Z.




 Lake Kanieri, Hokitika, N.Z.




 Summit of Porters Pass, West Coast Road, N.Z.




 Devils Punch Bowl, West Coast Road, N.Z.




 Lake Kanieri, Hokitika, N.Z.




 Porters Pass West Coast Road N.Z.




 West Coast Road, N.Z.




 Twelve Mile Avenue, West Coast Road, N.Z.




 Hawk's Crag, Buller Gorge, N.Z.

 Photo by Maloney



 Hawk's Crag, Buller Gorge

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Otira Gorge in Winter

 Photo by Morris



 Otira Gorge , N.Z.




 Buller River, N.Z.




 Little Hawk's Crag, Buller Gorge




 Scene in the Buller Gorge, N.Z.




 Buller Gorge

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Lyttelton, N.Z.

 Photo by Hillsdon



 Lyttelton from the Hills

 Photo by Hillsdon



 Railway Bridge , Opawa, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Junction of High & Colombo Streets, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Avon near St Michael's Church, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Clock Tower, Christchurch, N.Z.




 On the Banks of the Avon, Christchurch, N.Z.




 The Avon Christchurch, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Cashel Street,  Christchurch, N.Z.




 Lyttelton Harbour from Governors Bay, N.Z.




 Railway Station, Moorehouse Avenue, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Worcester Street, Christchurch, N.Z.




 The Avon from the White Bridge, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Post Office, Christchurch, N.Z.




 Public Library,  Christchurch, N.Z.




 The Avon near Merivale, Christchurch, N.Z.




 By the  Avon, Christchurch, N.Z.




 The Avon Christchurch, N.Z.




 Canterbury College, Christchurch, N.Z.




 The Hospital, Christchurch




 Avenue Near Museum Christchurch in Winter




 Railway Station Christchurch

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Caroline Bay, Timaru N.Z.




 Caroline Bay, Timaru N.Z.




 Dashing Rocks, Timaru N.Z.




 Rough Sea , N.Z. Coast near Timaru




 Mt Cook N.Z. Height 12349ft from Hooker Glacier

 Photo by N.Z. Tourist Dept.



 Mt Cook, N.Z.




 The Hermitage, Mount Cook, N.Z.




 Mount Cook N.Z.12349 ft




 Mount Cook and The Hermitage, N.Z.




 Lake Pukaki showing Mt Cook 40 miles away




 Two of the Mount Cook Motor Services Cars,  Lake Pukaki, N.Z.




 The Hermitage,  Mt Cook, N.Z.




 Ball Glacier and Mount Cook, N.Z.




 Mount Cook from Hooker Glacier




 Early Morning Waitati, N.Z.




 Sunrise, Warrington Beach, near Dunedin, N.Z.




 Evening Warrington Bay nr Dunedin

 Coloured postcard



 Warrington Holiday Resort nearr Dunedin, N.Z.




 Sunrise Warrington  near Dunedin, N.Z.




 Sunrise Warrington Beach near Dunedin, N.Z.




 Port Chalmers, N.Z.




 Carey Bay Port Chalmers, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 The "Maheno" going into new dock Port Chalmers




 Knox College,  Dunedin, N.Z.




 George Street and  Knox Church, Dunedin, N.Z.




 Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, N.Z.




 Dunedin, N.Z. from Pine Hill Road




 Custom House Square, Dunedin, N.Z.




 Botanical Gardens Dunedin, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Botanical Gardens Dunedin, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Botanical Gardens Dunedin, N.Z.




 The Cliffs St Clair, Dunedin, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Moray Place & First Church, Dunedin, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Interior of First Church, Dunedin showing Organ




 Purakanui Falls, Catlins, N.Z.




 Catlins River, N.Z.




 Catlins River, N.Z.




 Sunset Catlins River, N.Z.




 The Gardens, Invercargill N.Z.




 Water Tower, Invercargill, N.Z.




 The Gardens, Invercargill N.Z.




 Hospital,  Invercargill, N.Z.




 Water Tower, Invercargill, N.Z.




 Dee Street,  Invercargill, N.Z. from Puni Creek




 Waihopai River,  Invercargill, N.Z.




 Half Moon Bay , Stewart Island

 Photo by Guy



 Port William, Stewart Island




 Pigeon Lake , N.Z.




 Skippers Creek, N.Z.




 Remarkables from Track to Reservoir Queenstown, N.Z.




 The Remarkables from Frankton

 Coloured postcard



 Frankton Arm showing Crown Range, N.Z.




 Frankton Road, Queenstown, N.Z.




 In the Domain, Queenstown, N.Z.




 Lake Wakatipu from Domain, Queenstown, N.Z.




 Humboldt Mountains, Head of Lake Wakatipu, N.Z




 Birch Forest, Paradise, Wakatipu, N.Z

 Coloured postcard



 Paradise Road Wakatipu, N.Z.




 Rees Valley, Glenorchy, N.Z.




 Mt Earnslaw (9200 feet), Lake Wakatipu, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Diamond Lake Paradise, N.Z.




 Diamond Lake Paradise, N.Z.




 Cosmos Peaks, Dart Valley, Paradise, N.Z.




 Diamond Lake Paradise, N.Z.




 Diamond Lake Paradise, N.Z.




 Diamond Lake & Richardson Range, N.Z.




 Sugar Loaf Hill and Routeburn Valley, N.Z.




 Bowen Falls Milford Sound, N.Z. after Rain




 Rere Lake and Mt Ailsa, N.Z.

 Coloured postcard



 Dart Valley, N.Z.




 Dea's Cove Thompson Sound, N.Z.




 New Zealand Wild Flowers, Clematis (Puawhanangai)




 New Zealand Wild Flowers, Koromiko




 New Zealand Wild Flowers, Hinau




 New Zealand Wild Flowers, Manuka or Teatree 




 Celmesia (N.Z.) Mountain Daisy




 Sea Birds at Home, Bounty Islands




 Red Deer Wairarapa, N.Z.




 The Kiwi Male and Female




 NZ Trout A Good Days Catch




 A New Zealand Greengrocer




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