Frederick Henry Gradwell (F.H.G) – postcard list

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'Frederick Henry Gradwell' (F.H.G) list

The following list incorporates all known Frederick Henry Gradwell images as of 1/1/15. These have been sourced from the Taupo Museum Collection with additional titles supplied by Bill Chrystall, Stan Goodwin and Doug South.


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Frederick Henry Gradwell (photographer) - Postcard List





Additional details



F.H.G 1

Lake Taupo and Mountains from Terraces Hotel

F.H.G 3

Taupo Township

F.H.G 4

Birds Eye View of Lake Taupo and Mountains

F.H.G 6

Taupo Township Showing Tauhara Mountain & Source of Waikato River

F.H.G 7

View of Lake Taupo + Mountains Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro

F.H.G 9

Terraces Hotel. Onekeneke.

F.H.G 10

Onekeneke Hot Water Falls, Terraces Hotel

F.H.G 12

Looking Down Waikato River (from Taupo)

F.H.G 13

Taupo Township

F.H.G 15

Taupo. The Spa

F.H.G 19

Taupo School. Children and Teacher 1917

F.H.G 22

Mail Leaving Taupo P.O

F.H.G 24

View fromTaupo Wharf

F.H.G 25

View of lake Taupo and Mts Ruapehu, Ngarauhoe, and Tongariro

F.H.G 26

Huka Falls near Taupo

F.H.G 29

Onekeneke Valley. Terraces Hotel. Taupo

F.H.G 29

The Bungalow Private Hotel. Taupo

F.H.G 30

Onekeneke Valley, Terraces Hotel Taupo

F.H.G 34

Finish of Shot from Crowes Nest, Spa Taupo

F.H.G 45

Glimpses of River Road & Nunnery Bridge Napier-Taupo Road

F.H.G 46

The Double Crossing, Napier Road

F.H.G 50

The Spa, Joshua’s, Taupo. NZ(Unsigned - Attributed)

F.H.G 50

From Titiokura to Turanga-Kuma. Napier-Taupo Road

F.H.G 51

Tarawera Hotel & Valley. Napier-Taupo Road

F.H.G 53

Looking Towards Napier from Petone Hill

F.H.G 54

Joshua’s Maori House, ‘The Spa’, Taupo, N.Z

F.H.G 55

From Turanga. Kumo to Tarawera Napier-Taupo Raod

F.H.G 57

The Spa” Taupo. NZ” (Unsigned — Attributed)

F.H.G 62

Marshalls Crossing

F.H.G 63

Whanganui Waterfall - Lake Taupo

F.H.G 74

The Wharf. Taupo

F.H.G 75

W. Riley diving into Huka Falls

F.H.G 76

Lake Taupo + Mountains in Distance

F.H.G 77

Huka Rapids and Bridge

F.H.G 80

Dividing strip between Hot + Cold Lakes Rotokawa

F.H.G 84

Reflections. Lake Taupo

F.H.G 86

On Lake Taupo

F.H.G 93

Lake Hotel, Taupo

F.H.G 96

Looking across Hotwater Lake Rotokawa

F.H.G 100

Bungalow Private Hotel, Taupo

F.H.G 104

Waikato River Taupo. Showing Cherry Island + entrance to Devils Gate

F.H.G 105

Huka Falls

F.H.G 112

The Witches Cauldron. Spa Hotel

F.H.G 130

Terraces Hotel.” Lake Taupo

F.H.G 134

The Wharf. Taupo. Showing Mt Ruapehu

F.H.G 136

Waikato River. Showing Mt. Ruapehu

F.H.G 138

Dining Rooms. Spa. Taupo

F.H.G 139

Dining Room. Spa. Taupo

F.H.G 141

The Spa Taupo

F.H.G 351

Maori Carving, Joshua’s Spa, Taupo. NZ (Unsigned — Attributed)