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'George Vivian Marmaduke Edge' (G.V.E) postcard list

Compiled by Jeff Long, Lester Hotton & Bernard Atkinson

George Vivian Marmaduke Edge (G.V.E) Postcard list






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 GVE 10    

 Wharf & Foreshore, Bluff



 GVE 13

 Dog Island Lighthouse



 GVE 15

 Bluff Harbour Board's Dredge Murihiku



 GVE 16

 Bluff from Wharf Looking West



 GVE 17

 Bay View Hotel, Bluff: the Most Southerly Hotel in the World



 GVE 18

 Ward's Parade, Bluff, Showing Entrance to the Harbour



 GVE 19

 Reservoir & Granite Quarry



 GVE 20

 Bush & Southern Ocean from Flagstaff



 GVE 21

 The Most Southerly Bowling Green & Tennis Courts in the World



 GVE 22

 Lover's Walk Ward's Parade, Bluff, NZ



 GVE 23

 Wharf & Shipping, Bluff



 GVE 24

 Lookout & Signal Station on Bluff Hill



 GVE 25

 Bluff NZ from Hill



 GVE 27

 Bluff, NZ, the Most Southerly Point of NZ Railways



 GVE 28

 Bluff, NZ, Stirling Point & Most Southerly Electric Street Lamp



 GVE 29

 Gore Street Looking East



 GVE 30

 War Memorial, Bluff



 GVE 31

 Train Leaving Bluff, the Most Southerly Railway Station in the World



 GVE 32

 Argyle Beach



 GVE 33

 Ward's Parade & Foveaux Strait, Bluff, NZ



 GVE 34

 Bluff War Memorial, Head of Procession



 GVE 35

 Unveiling War Memorial, Bluff NZ,  6.4.24



 GVE 36

 Bluff War Memorial & Floral Tributes  6/4/24