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Gordon & Gotch Lithograph postcards

- Last updated 10 October 2017

Gordon & Gotch Lithograph Cards - by Laurence Eagle (Postcard Pillar Issue No. 88, April 2010)


This attractive and colourful series of New Zealand images was probably first seen at the Christchurch Exhibition of 1906-07. Exhibition records show that Gordon & Gotch had a stand and sold postcards there. With a complete set of used and unused cards, my earliest card is postally used from the Exhibition with the 1d stamp and dated 25 January 1907. The remainder are postally used from 1908 until 1911. Many cards of Wellington and New Plymouth images were overprinted and used as Christmas cards.

Printed in Berlin using early pre-car images these cards are excellent examples of the lithographer's art. The set which is numbered from 100 to 175 is divided into five sections.

101 - 125   Wellington views,  126 - 150   Christchurch views,  151 - 169   Auckland views,  170   Rotorua view & 171 - 175   New Plymouth views.


Compiled by Laurence Eagle

Gordon & Gotch Lithograph Postcards



 Title / Text

 Comments / Description          

 Images (0)



 Wellington Views




 Patent Slip, Evans Bay, Welington




 Island Bay, Wellington




 Oriental Bay, Wellington




 Newtown Park, Wellington




 Thorndon Esplanade & Baths, Wellington




 Government Buildings, Wellington




 Kelburne Tea Kiosk and Cable Tram, Wellington




 Government Printing Offices, Wellington




 Government House, Wellington




 Parliamentary Buildings, Wellington




 Railway Offices, Wellington




 Victoria College, Wellington




 Town Hall & Fire Brigade Station, Wellington




 Post Office & Queen's Statue, Wellington




 Te Aro & Oriental Bay, Wellington




 Wellington from the Terrace




 Wainui-o-mata Reservoir, Wellington




 Day's Bay, Wellington




 Karori Reservoir, Wellington




 Botanical Gardens, Wellington




 Worser Bay, Wellington




 Basin Reserve, Wellington




 Wellington from Brooklyn




 Bush Scene, Upper Hutt, Wellington




 Queen's Wharf & Shipping, Wellington








 Christchurch Views




 Clock Tower, Christchurch




 Victoria Street Bridge, Christchurch




 Armagh Street Bridge, Christchurch




 View on the Avon, Christchurch




 Post Office and Royal Café, Christchurch




 Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch




 Gloucester Street Bridge & Government Buildings, Christchurch




 Royal Café, Christchurch




 Victoria Street Bridge, Christchurch

 Different to No. 127



 Antigua Street Bridge & Boat Sheds, The Avon, Christchurch




 Cave Rocks, Sumner, Christchurch




 Christchurch from Hereford Street




 Armagh Street Bridge & Entrance to Hagley Park, Christchurch




 The Avon & Canterbury Rowing Clubs, Christchurch




 Barbadoes Street Bridge, Christchurch




 Looking up Manchester Street, Christchurch




 Looking Towards Port Hills, Christchurch




 Victoria Square, Christchurch




 Hereford Street Bridge, Christchurch




 Hospital & Grounds from Antigua Street Bridge, Christchurch




 The Mansions, Christchurch




 Victoria Lake, Hagley Park, Christchurch




 Poplar Walk by the Avon, Christchurch




 Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch




 Cathedral & Square, Christchurch








 Auckland Views




 Government House, Auckland




 Looking up Queen Street from the Wharf, Auckland




 Ferry Steamer & Jetty, Auckland




 The Drive Domain, Auckland




 Ferry Steamer Leaving for Devonport, Auckland




 Albert Park, Auckland




 In the Domain, Auckland




 Public Library from Wellesley Street, Auckland




 Cornwall Park from Mount Eden, Auckland




 The Steps, Cemetary Gulley, Auckland




 Lake Takapuna, Auckland




 Looking up Queen Street from the Wharf, Auckland

 Different to No. 152



 A Part of Queen's Wharf, Auckland




 A Corner of Lake Takapuna, Auckland




 The Hospital, Auckland




 Huia Lodge, Cornwall Park, Auckland




 Public Library & Municipal Buildings, Auckland




 Auckland from Albert Park




 Karangahape Road, Auckland








 Rotorua View




 Government Sanatorium & Grounds, Rotorua








 New Plymouth Views




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth




 Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth

 Different to No. 171



 Railway Station, New Plymouth




 A Corner of Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth




 Tea Kiosk, Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth