The McKenzie Real Photo Postcard list

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McKenzie Real Photo Postcards

- Last updated  4 November 2017

Compiled by Robert Rush
Postcards by Laurence Eagle

The McKenzie Real Photo Postcard list - T. Sullivan Series







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 Earliest sighted usage - 29 November 1909



 Conway River
















 Jedd Bridge,  Cheviot.




 Rolleston Street,  Cheviot.




 McKenzie Township,  Cheviot.




 Seddon Bridge,  Cheviot




 Domett,  Cheviot




 Port Robinson,  Cheviot.




 Landing Slip,  Port Robinson.












 Spa River.




 Port Robinson,  Cheviot.




 Survey Camp,  Cheviot.








 Mouth of Hurunui River.




 Waiau Ford,  Cheviot




 Gore Bay,  Cheviot.



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