A favoured card of mine

Aristophot Flag Cards have been a special interest of mine for some years and during that time I have accumulated many of this series. All cards have the background flag of the country and a vignette showing a scene from that country. Issued about 1906, this series concentrates on British Empire locations with sets of approximately fifteen cards in each grouping. Each grouping starts with King Edward VII, Queen Alexandria, Prince and Princess of Wales and includes: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, India, Australian States - New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, South African States - Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Transvaal and two groupings of New Zealand. The card illustrated below is from the second grouping, i.e  No.218.

I am missing one New Zealand card from this series (No.224) and would welcome any information about it. Ideally I would like to purchase it and would pay $100.00. The usual price would be $5.00 - $8.00. I can be contacted at:   ifeagle@gmail.com