Postcard Exhibits

A significant number of our NZPS member's, passionate about their own particular collecting area of interest dedicate their time and efforts into exhibiting, both in New Zealand and internationally. Over the years this enthusiastic group have accumulated a number of awards and commendations. Some of their exhibits are shown below.

Last updated 10/01/2022

Title Exhibitor  
 A Journey Around Mt Egmont  Jeff Long
  - pdf pages 1 - 16  
  - pdf pages 34 - 48  


 Estuary to Esplanade; the Sumner Coast, Christchurch NZ  Jenny Long
  - pdf pages 1 - 22  
  - pdf pages 23 - 46  
A topographical three frame exhibit on the area covering the road and tramway to Sumner, the seaside suburb of Christchurch. This is not just an accumulation of postcards of this area but is tied together by following the actual transport links as you get closer to Sumner, and also through time. This exhibit received a special prize for the best postcard exhibit at the 2012 CPS Stamp & Postcard Exhibition.
 Picton New Zealand - The Discovery of a Lost Love  Evie-Joy South
 - pdf pages 1 - 16  
“It has truly been my privilege to have collected such a treasure trove of historical events “snapped” in times past and for me to be able to share in some small way with many others.” Evie-joy South



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