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tanner bros. Ltd

Introducing prominent New Zealand postcard publisher – Tanner Bros. Ltd.

They were a major postcard publishing firm in New Zealand from the early 1900s to the 1920s. Their business was established as an incorporated company in Wellington in 1908. The initial shareholders were brothers Edwin Arthur Tanner and Victor Joseph Tanner. They would go on to operate offices in Auckland, Wellington and London.

In the early years Tanner Bros. became wholesale distributors for Fergusson Taylor (F.T. series) postcards from at least 1909. Frederick George Radcliffe (FGR postcards) was another prominent name to be associated with the Tanner Bros. Radcliffe was contracted to them and they published some of his sepia and colour images.

Alan Jackson – Victor Joseph Tanner – Postcard Pillar Issue 31

Arthur Bates – An Unusual Postcard – Postcard Pillar Issue 51

Alan Bell – Scenes in Maoriland Series – Postcard Pillar Issue 19

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