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The POSTCARD PILLAR is the magazine of the New Zealand Postcard Society. The current editors are Jeff & Jenny Long of Christchurch who selflessly devote their time and energy writing researched articles and collating material from other contributors to produce the quarterly magazine.

The Pillar’s current numbering sequence commenced in March 1993.  Prior to this date, there were six numbered editions from the Society’s  inception in 1983, then for an eight year period the Pillars, or Newsletters, were seen very infrequently, none were numbered, and in some cases only notes were added to a Society auction. In the early 1990’s the Society’s membership was so low the Committee had seriously considered shutting up shop. The serious decline was attributed to the non appearance of the Pillar. At that point, the then Secretary, Chris Rabey, and the Publicity Officer, Patricia Anderson, got together and decided to revitalise the Pillar on a monthly basis. This commenced early in 1993, Patricia then took sole responsibility as Editor, and membership slowly picked up again. In the ensuing years Brian McClintock, the late Ian Cameron, Bill Main, Jeff Long & Laurence Eagle and now Jeff and Jenny Long have all brought the Pillar to the very high standard of publication we enjoy now. We thank all these people for getting the Society back on track to the level we see it today.

This Index covers every Pillar and Newsletter that has been printed. When referring to the early numbered editions produced by our founders Geoff Potts & John Parnell, the references have been put as No 1Old, p2. With the ‘mishmash’ of editions published from 1985 to 1992, the reference will be by month and year, or in some cases, year only. Pillar No 25 does not have a Number, it has Greenpeace on the cover. Copies of the original sets are available from the Secretary, including a Monograph called “How to price old Picture Postcards”, put out in 1983. The Pillars during the 1986-1992 period were referred simply as ‘Newsletters’, and in some cases didn’t even have a title. Please excuse any hiccups that may occur with the indexing of the Pillars. Some of the more interesting articles from early editions may be brought up to date and reprinted. For the bumper Issue No 100, there are stories reprinted from older Pillars, these will be marked with an asterisk * in Issue 100.