Issue 110 (Feb. 2016)

'Packaging of Printing out Paper'

Issue 110 of the Postcard Pillar (Journal of the NZ Postcard Society) contains the following articles:

  • New Zealand Photography Collected, by Athol McCredie - a book review by William Main
  • The Joys of Owning an Edwardian Album of New Zealand Postcards - by William Main
  • ¬†Gallipoli Postcards with the monograph "W H" (William Huse) - by William Main, cards from Alan Jackson
  • Selling the Picture: Real Photograph Postcard Packaging - by Barry Hancox
  • Prince John of Wales - by Shirley Bone
  • The "Fisher Maiden" Memorial in Albert Park, Auckland - by Diane McKoy
  • Postcards of Clayton's Government Buildings, from 1875 to the Present - by William Main
  • Developments in the Judging of Picture Postcard Exhibits - by Jeff Long
  • Assessing the Rarity Factor in Picture Postcard Exhibits - by Jeff Long
  • Daily Mail Official War Postcards (Part 2) - by Jeff Briggs
  • P.W Hutton - by Safari

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