Issue 114 (Jan. 2017)

'Auckland's Most Fashionable Street'

Issue 114 of the Postcard Pillar (Journal of the NZ Postcard Society) contains the following articles.

  • Obituary for John Parnell (co founder of NZPS) - by Geoff Potts
  • Postcard Calling Card
  • Valentine NZ Postcard Back
  • The Postcard Craze - The Weekly Press, Oct. 25, 1905
  • Real Photo Dating Guide
  • Warehouse Stationary Free Cards
  • Guy Cellophane Postcard Envelope
  • Whose Motorbike is this?
  • Is This the Most Expensive Postcard Sold in New Zealand?
  • F G Radcliffe Colour Cards
  • Monogram CA or AC?
  • More on Whites Aviation
  • Burton Brothers Photographers, Dunedin
  • W&T Series "New Zealand Postcard"
  • Bickerton, Military Photographer
  • The Mystery of Fergusson and Taylor - by Donal Duthie
  • Lake Kaniere and Kaniere Township - by Shirley Bone
  • Auckland's Most Fashionable Street - by Diane McKoy
  • The Lost Postcard of Mrs Isabella Beeton - by Donal Duthie
  • Benjamin Murgatroyd (circa 1864-1957) - by Stan Goodwin
  • Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Postcard Exhibits at New Zealand National Exhibitions - from the NZ Philatelic Federation
  • Comments on NZPF Changes to the Regulations and Guidelines for Judging Picture Postcards - by Jeff Long

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