Sydney Charles Smith (S.C Smith)

The postcard titles recorded below come from the combined databases of several New Zealand 'S.C Smith' postcard collectors. The list contains many gaps within the various series of cards published. We would like to fill these gaps.

If you have any additional postcards in your collection by this prolific New Zealand photographer we would like to hear from you. If you could please use the email link provided to contact us, noting the title and card number (if it has one) we would be most grateful.


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 S.C Smith Postcards

No. Location Caption Other Data
2 Wellington Living Flag, 5000 Children, Newtown Park
2 Wellington 5000 School Children, Newton Park, Wellington
7 Wellington The Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington
22 Wellington Wharves and Shipping, Wellington, N.Z
25 Wellington Lambton Quay, Wellington
50 Wellington Courtney Place, Wellington
63 Wellingtom At Marakeke T Camp
101 Christchurch Christchurch N.Z, General View Looking South
102 Christchurch Christchurch N.Z, General View Looking South
104 Christchurch The Square, Christchurch, Showing Worcester St
105 Christchurch The Rose Gardens, Christchurch
105 Christchurch (Greetings) The Rose Gardens, Christchurch
106 Christchurch The Rose Gardens, Christchurch
108 Christchurch The Rose Gardens, Christchurch
109 Christchurch The Rose Gardens, Christchurch
110 Christchurch Childrens Playground, Hagley Park, Christchurch
110 Wellington Lambton Quay, Wellington
111 Christchurch Lakelet, Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
112 Christchurch Lakelet, Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
114 Christchurch In Botanical Gardnes, Christchurch
115 Christchurch Entrance Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
116 Christchurch Busy Corner, Cathedral Square, Christchurch
118 Christchurch In the Square, Christchurch
119 Christchurch Cathedral Square, Christchurch
120 Christchurch Cathedral Square, Christchurch
122 Christchurch General View Christchurch , Looking North
123 Christchurch Cathedral Square, Christchurch
124 Christchurch Cathedral Square, Christchurch N.Z
125 Christchurch Victoria St Bridge, Christchurch
126 Christchurch River Avon, Christchurch
127 Christchurch Boating on the Avon, Christchurch
128 Christchurch Boat Sheds, River Avon, Christchurch
129 Christchurch Canoeing on the Avon, Christchurch
130 Christchurch Victoria Sqaure, Christchurch
131 Christchurch The Avon and Victoria Square, Christchurch
132 Christchurch Colombo Street Christchurch, Looking South
133 Christchurch Manchester St, Christchurch
134 Chrischurch Colombo St Christchurch N.Z, Looking North
134 Chrischurch Xmas Colombo St Christchurch N.Z, Looking North
135 Christchurch Colombo St, Christchurch, Looking South
136 Chrstchurch Cashel St, Christchurch
137 Christchurch Cashel St, Christchurch , Looking North
138 Christchurch High and Hereford Streets, Christchurch
139 Chrstchurch Looking West from the Cathedral, Christchurch
140 Christchurch The Post Office, Christchurch
141 Christchurch Scott Memorial and Claredon Hotel, Christchurch
141 Christchurch Xmas, Scott Memorial and Claredon Hotel, Christchurch
142 Christchurch Colombo St, Christchurch N.Z, Looking South
143 Chrstchurch The Cathedral, Christchurch
144 Christchurch (Greetings) The Cathedral, Christchurch
145 Christchurch Council Chambers and Scott Memorial, Christchurch
146 Christchurch The Museum, Christchurch
147 Christchurch Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch
148 Christchurch The Hospital, Christchurch
150 Christchurch "A Sun Bath"  New Brighton
151 Chrstchurch "On the Sands"  New Brighton
152 Christchurch New Brighton Pier
153 Christchurch On the Sands New Brighton
154 Christchurch On the Sands
155 Christchurch Bathing Scene
156 Christchurch New Brighton Beach and Pier
157 Christchurch New Brighton Beach and Pier
158 Christchurch On the Sands New Brighton
159 Christchurch "Having a sea bath"  New Brighton Beach
160 Lyttelton The Mole, Lyttelton
161 Lyttelton Wharves and Shipping
162 Lyttelton Lyttelton NZ, Pan No 1
163 Lyttelton Lyttelton NZ, Pan No 2
201 Dunedin Cathedral and Town Hall, Dunedin
202 Dunedin Dunedin looking North from Octagon, Pan 2
203 Dunedin Dunedin N.Z, Pan A
204 Dunedin Dunedin, Pan B
205 Dunedin Dunedin Harbour,  Pan C
207 Dunedin From Railway Station, Pan E
208 Dunedin South Dunedin and St Clair, Pan F
209 Dunedin St Clair and St Kilda Beaches, Pan G
210 Dunedin Princess St, Dunedin, Looking South
211 Dunedin Princess St, Dunedin, Looking North
212 Dunedin Princess St, Dunedin, Looking South
213 Dunedin George St, Dunedin, Looking North
214 Dunedin Town Hall, Catherdral and Burns Memorial, Dunedin
215 Dunedin George Street, Dunedin
216 Dunedin High St, Dunedin
219 Dunedin The Rose Gardens, Dunedin
219 Dunedin Happy New Year, Rose Gardens
220 Dunedin The Rose Gardens
221 Dunedin The Winter Gardens, Dunedin
222 Dunedin Botanical Gardens
223 Dunedin Dunedin Botanical Gardens
224 Dunedin Rose Walk, Botanical Gardens
225 Dunedin First Church, Dunedin
226 Dunedin Knox Church, Dunedin
227 Dunedin The Anglican Cathedral, Dunedin
228 Dunedin R C Cathedral, Dunedin
229 Dunedin The Railway Station, Dunedin
229 Wellington The Boat Harbour and Mount Victoria,  Wellington
230 Dunedin The Town Hall, Dunedin
231 Dunedin King Edward Technical College, Dunedin
233 Dunedin Courts of Justice, Dunedin
235 Dunedin George St, Dunedin, Looking North
236 Dunedin Stuart St, Dunedin, from Railway Station
237 Dunedin Dunedin Looking South from George St Bridge
238 Dunedin General View Dunedin from Gardens
239 Dunedin General View Dunedin, N.Z from above the High School
242 Dunedin Leith Valley, Dunedin, from Railway Station
243 Dunedin St Clair, Dunedin, Pan H
245 Dunedin St Clair, Dunedin
246 Dunedin St Clair, Dunedin
248 Dunedin Wharves and Shipping, Port Chalmers
249 Dunedin Scott Memorial, Port Chalmers
250 Dunedin Wharves and shipping, Port Chalmers, Pan K
251 Dunedin Port Chalmers, Pan L
252 Dunedin Port Chalmers, Pan M
820 Auckland Queen St, Auckland, showing Prof Office
821 Auckland Queen St
824 Auckland Queen St, Auckland
826 Auckland Queen St
827 Auckland Victoria Street, Auckland
828 Auckland Wellesley St showing Public Library
829 Auckland Wellesley St, Auckland
831 Auckland Upper Queen St showing Town Hall, Auckland
831 Auckland (Greetings) Upper Queen St showing Town Hall, Auckland
833 Auckland Quay Street, Auckland
835 Auckland Symonds St, Auckland
840 Auckland The Grafton Bridge, Auckland
842 Auckland Albert Park, Auckland
845 Auckland Waterfront, Auckland showing Ferry Buildings, Auckland
848 Auckland The Waterfront, Auckland, Pan No 2
849 Auckland The Waterfront Auckland, Pan B
850 Auckland The Waterfront, Auckland
851 Auckland Wharves and shipping, Auckland
852 Auckland Wharves and Shipping, Auckland, N.Z
853 Auckland Wharves and Shipping, Auckland
854 Auckland General View Auckland from St Mathews
855 Auckland General view Auckland, Pan A
856 Auckland General View Auckland, Pan B
857 Auckland General View Auckland, Pan C
858 Auckland General View, Auckland, Pan D
859 Auckland Auckland, NZ and Rangitoto fron Grafton Bridge
862 Auckland Auckland from Mt Eden, Pan F
863 Auckland Auckland from Mt Eden, Pan G
865 Auckland Auckland from Ponsonby
867 Auckland Auckland from Ponsonby
871 Auckland Boys Grammar School, Auckland
875 Auckland Wellersley St, Post Office, YMCA and Library, Auckland N.Z
878 Auckland The Auckland Hospital
894 Auckland In the Domain, Auckland
897 Auckland Lake Pupuke, Takapuna, Auckland
898 Auckland Takapuna Beach, Auckland
899 Auckland Rangitoto from Takapuna
901 Auckland St Helliers Bay, Auckland
902 Auckland St Helliers Bay, Auckland
805 Auckland Milford Beach, Auckland
906 Auckland Cheltenham Beach, Devonport, Auckland
907 Auckland Parnell Baths, Auckland
910 Auckland Auckland City Harbour, N.Z Showing North Head and Rangitoto, Pan B
910 Auckland Epsom, N.Z from One Tree Hill
915 Auckland Remuera and Rangoitoto, N.Z from One Tree Hill
916 Auckland Hospital from Symond Street
921 Wellington Featherston St and Lambton Quay Looking North
922 Wellington Lambton Quay, Wellington
923 Wellington Lambton Quay looking North, Wellington
924 Wellington Lambton Quay, Wellington
925 Wellington Lambton Quay, Wellington
926 Wellington June, Lambton Quay, 6 Featherston St, Wellington
926 Wellington Junction Lambton Quay &Featherston St, Wellington
927 Wellington The Bank Corner, Lambton Quay, Wellington
928 Wellington Featherston St showing GPO, Wellington
929 Wellington Willis St, Wellington, looking South
930 Wellington Manners St, Wellington
931 Wellington Manners St, Wellington
931 Wellington Xmas, Manners St, Wellington
932 Wellington Cuba St, Wellington, Looking South
933 Wellington Cuba St, Wellington
934 Wellington Cuba St, Wellington, looking North
935 Wellington Courtenay Place, Wellington
936 Wellington Courtenay Pl, Wellington
937 Wellington Courtenay Pl, Wellington
938 Wellington Ridiford and Rintoul St, Wellington
939 Wellington Riddiford St, Wellington
940 Wellington The Queen's Wharf
941 Wellington The Queens Wharf, Wellington
942 Wellington Wharves and Shipping, Wellington
943 Wellington General View, Wellington, Pan A No Smith
944 Wellington General View, Wellington, Pan B
945 Wellington Wellington from Mt Victoria
952 Wellington The Botanical Gardens, Wellington
954 Wellington The Botanical Gardens, Wellington
957 Wellington The Botanical Gardens, Wellington
961 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
963 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
963 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
964 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
965 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
966 Wellington Oriental Bay, Wellington
967 Wellington The Boat Harbour, Wellington
968 Wellington The Boat Harbour, Wellington
969 Wellington Evans Bay and Hataitai, Wellington, Pan C
970 Wellington General View, Kilbirnie, Wellington
972 Wellington The Zoological Gardens, Wellington
973 Wellington Kiosk, Zoological Gardens, Wellington
974 Wellington In the Zoological Gardens, Wellington
975 Wellington Walking the Lions, Zoological Gardens, Wellington
978 Wellington Govt Buildings, Wellington, The Biggest Wooden etc
978 Wellington Government Buildings, Wellington,The Largest etc
979 Wellington Goverment Buildings No Smith
980 Wellington Goverment Buildings from Parliment House, Wellington
981 Wellington Parliament Buildings, Wellington
981 Wellington Public Trust Office
982 Wellington The Basilica Hall St, Wellington
983 Wellington The Custom House, Wellington
984 Wellington Public Trust Office, Wellington
985 Wellington The Town Hall, Wellington
986 Wellington The Governor's Residence, Wellington
987 Wellington The Wellington College, Wellington
988 Wellington Hospital Grounds and Nurses Home, Wellington
989 Wellington The Hospital, Wellington
990 Wellington From Terminus, Island Bay, Wellington
991 Wellington Island Bay, Wellington
992 Wellington The Beach, Island Bay, Wellington
993 Wellington The Heads, Island Bay, Wellington
995 Wellington Kilbirnie and Evans Bay, Wellington
996 Wellington General View, Lyall Bay, Wellington
997 Wellington Lyall Bay Beach, Wellington
998 Wellington Lyall Bay Beach, Wellington
1000 Wellington Worser, Karaka and Scorching Bays, Wellington
1004 Wellington Days Bay Beach, Panorama E
1005 Wellington Bays Bay Beach, Wellington, Pan F
1007 Wellington Lowery Bay, Wellington
1008 Wellington Rona Bay, Wellington
1009 Wellington The Midland Hotel,Wellington
1010 Wellington General View the Hutt Valley, Wellington
1012 Wellington Karori Reservoir No Smith
1014 Wellington Wharf Scene No Smith
1015 Wellington General Post Office, Wellington
1015 Wellington (Christmas Greetings) GPO, Wellington
1015 Wellington General Post Office, Wellington
1016 Wellington Manners St, Wellington
1017 Wellington Lambton Quay
1018 Wellington Lambton Quay No Smith
1019 Wellington Courtenay St
1021 Wellington Willis St Looking South, Wellington
1022 Wellington Manners St Looking West
1023 Wellington Victoria College
1024 Wellington Interior, St Diary of the Angels (RC), Wellington
1027 Wellington Among the Breakers, Lyall Bay, Wellington
1029 Wellington Houghton Bay, Queens Drive No Smith
1032 Wellington Karaka Bay, Wellington
1032 Wellington Xmas, Karaka Bay, Wellington
1033 Wellington Worser Bay, Wellington
1036 Wellington General View, Panorama A
1037 Wellington General View,  Wellington, Pan B
2158 Queenstown PANORAMA of Queenstown No Smith
2348 Petone The Brigade Station
2349 Petone The Pipe Bridge, Petone
2352 Petone Petone, Pan B
2356 Petone Beach Scene, Petone
2361 Wellington Post Office, Lower Hutt
2364 Wellington Recreation Grounds, Lower Hutt
2365 Wellington Street Scene, Lower Hutt, N.Z
2371 Wellington Panorama, Lower Hutt (E)
2449 Wellington New Parliament Buildings No Smith
2550 Wellington Post Office Triangle No Smith
2590 Wellington S.S Wahine No Smith
3122 Christchurch Cashel Street No Smith
3710 Wellington Featherston St Looking South, Wellington No Smith
B1 Blenheim Seymour Sqaure, Blenheim
B2 Blenheim Waterlea Park, Blenheim
B3 Blenheim Racecourse, Blenheim
B4 Blenheim Racecourse, Blenheim
B5 Blenheim Opawa River, Blenheim
B6 Blenheim The Wharf, Blenheim
B7 Blenheim Nelson Street Bridge, Opawa River
B8 Blenheim Opawa Bridge, Blenheim
B13 Blenheim Anglican Chruch, Blenheim
B20 Blenheim High St looking NE, Blenheim
B21 Blenheim Market St Sth showing Town Hall, Blenheim
B22 Blenheim Market St North Looking towards PO, Blenheim
B24 Blenheim Market Square, Blenheim
B27 Blenheim Goverment Buildings, Blenheim
B28 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan A
B29 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan B
B30 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan C
B31 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan D
B32 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan E
B33 Blenheim Blenheim, Pan F
C1 Cambridge Duke St, Cambridge, (Bookseller D Cougleton)
C2 Cambridge Victoria Rd, Cambridge
C3 Cambridge Victoria Rd, Cambridge
C4 Cambridge Victoria Rd, Cambridge
C5 Cambridge The Lake Domain, Cambridge
C7 Cambridge Bowling Green and Pavillion Domain, Cambridge
C8 Cambridge Traffic Bridge, Waikato River, Cambridge
C9 Cambridge Post Office, Cambdridge
C10 Cambridge Town Hall, Cambridge
C11 Cambridge War Memorial, Cambridge
E2 Eltham Bridge St, Eltham
E3 Eltham Bridge St, Eltham
E6 Eltham Mt Egmont, Eltham
E7 Eltham Mt Egmont from Eltham
F1 Feilding Post Office and Sqaure, Feilding
F2 Feilding Kowhai Park, Feilding
F5 Feilding Fergussion S,t Feilding
F6 Feilding Fergusson St, Feilding
F7 Feilding Manchester S,t Feilding
H2 Hawera King Edward Park, Hawera
H4 Hawera Entrance to King Edward Park, Hawera
H5 Hawera The Water Tower, Hawera
H6 Hawera Returned Soldiers Club, Hawera
H7 Hawera Presbyterian Church, Hawera
H13 Hawera Hawera, Pan A
H1 Hamilton Frankton, Pan A
H3 Hamilton Wakatio River, Hamilton, Showing Traffic Bridge from Soldiers Memorial Park
H5 Hamilton Waikato River from Railway Bridge, Hamilton, showing traffic Bridge
H6 Hamilton Frankling Junction
H8 Hamilton Hamilton, showing High School, Technical College and Winter show ground Buildings
H9 Hamilton Waikato River, Hamilton, Showing traffic and Railway Bridges
H10 Hamilton Railway Station, Hamiton
H11 Hamilton Lovers Walk, Hamilton
H12 Hamilton Victoria Street, Hamilton, looking north
H14 Hamilton Victoria St, Hamilton, looking South
H21 Havelock North Iona College, Havelock North
H22 Havelock North Nelson House, part of Havelock North,  Pan 1/Woodford College
H23 Havelock North Woodford House, Havelock North, Pan 2
H24 Havelock North Havelock North
H1 Hastings Russel Street, Hastings
H2 Hastings Russell St, Hastings
H3 Hastings Heretaunga St, Hastings
H4 Hastings Heretaunga Street
H8 Hastings Queens Park, Hastings
H9 Hastings Coronation Memorial Fountain, Cornwall Park, Hastings
H13 Hastings Municipal Buildings,  Hastings
M19 Masterton Masterton, Pan B
N1 Napier General View, Marine Parade, Napier
N5 Napier Marine Parade, Napier
N6 Napier Marine Parade, Napier
N7 Napier Hastings Street, Napier
N9 Napier Hstings St, Napier
N9 Napier Hastings Road, Napier
N10 Napier Emerson St, Napier
N11 Napier Emerson St, Napier
N12 Napier Municipal Baths, Napier
N13 Napier Swan Memorial Paddling Pool, Napier
N14 Napier Clive Square, Napier
N15 Napier Botanical Gardens, Napier
N16 Napier Botanical Gardens, Napier
N17 Napier The Breakwater, Napier
N20 Napier The Municipal Theatre, Napier
N22 Napier The Cathedral, Napier
N23 Napier Napier, Pan No 1
N28 Napier Port Ahuriri,  Pan No 1     "
N29 Napier Port Ahuriri,  Napier,   Pan No 2
N30 Napier Port Ahuriri, Napier,  Pan 3
NP1 New Plymouth Reacreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP2 New Plymouth Waterfall, Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP3 New Plymouth Waterlily Pond, Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP4 New Plymouth Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP5 New Plymouth Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP6 New Plymouth Band Rotunda, Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP9 New Plymouth Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth
NP10 New Plymouth Wharves and Breakwater, New Plymouth
NP12 New Plymouth Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth
NP13 New Plymouth Tree Ferns, Recreation Grounds, New Plymouth
NP15 New Plymouth Mt Egmont, New Plymouth
NP16 New Plymouth Railway Station, New Plymouth
NP19 New Plymouth Marsland Hill, New Plymouth
NP22 New Plymouth Boys High School, New Plymouth
NP26 New Plymouth Municipal Buildings, New Plymouth
NP29 New Plymouth Devon St
NP30 New Plymouth Devon Street, New Plymouth
NP31 New Plymouth Devon St, New Plymouth
NP33 New Plymouth Devon St, New Plymouth
NP34 New PLymouth Devon St, New Plymouth
NP36 New Plymouth New Plymouth, Pan B No Smith
NP37 New Plymouth New Plymouth, Pan C
NP39 New Plymouth New Plymouth, Pan E
NP40 New Plymouth New Plymouth, Pan F
P1 Paeroa Paeroa, Pan A
P1 Picton High St, Picton
P2 Picton Wellington St, Picton, showing Post office
P3 Picton The Inner Harbour, Picton
P5 Picton Queen Charlotte Sound and Mabel Island, Picton
P6 Picton The New Wharf, Picton
P7 Picton The Wharf and freezing Works, Picton
P9 Picton Picton, Pan A
P10 Picton Picton, Pan B
R2 Rotoura Rotoura, N.Z Pan, B
R3 Rotoura Rotoura N.Z, Pan C
R4 Rotoura Rotoura, N.Z, Pan D
R5 Rotoura Arawa St, Rotorua
R7 Rotoura Grand Hotel, Fenton St, Rotorua
R8 Rotoura Bath Buildings, Rotorua
R9 Rotoura Princes Gate Sanatorium Grounds, Rotorua
R12 Rotoura Bath Buildings and Bowling Green, Rotorua
R13 Rotoura Tea Kiosk, Sanatorium Grounds, Rotorua
R15 Rotoura Maori Kitchen, Whakarewarewa, Rotoura
R16 Rotoura Native Reserve, Whakarewarewa, Rotoura
R17 Rotoura Thermal Springs at Whakarewarewa
R18 Rotoura Among the Hot Pools at Whakarewarewa, Rotoura
R19 Rotoura General View of Rotoura from Whakarewarewa
R22 Rotoura The Devils Deception, Rotoura
R23 Rotoura Maori Pah, Whakarewarewa, Rotoura
R24 Rotoura Maori Meeting House, Whakarewarewa
R25 Rotoura The Flower Pots, Whakarewarewa, Rotoura
R26 Rotoura Among the Geysers at Whakarewarewa
R28 Rotoura Whakarewarewa, Rotoura, Pan A
R29 Rotoura Whakarewarewa, Rotoura,  Pan B
R30 Rotoura Whakarewarewa, Rotoura, Pan C
R32 Rotoura Lake Rotorua from Ohinemata
R33 Rotoura Ohuiemata, Rotorua
R34 Rotoura Ohuiemata, Rotorua and Lake Hobb showing King George Hosp.
R37 Rotoura Maori Churches and Victoria Memorial, Ohinemutu, Rotoura No Smith
R38 Rotoura Interior Maori Church, Ohinemutu Rd
R39 Rotoura St Michaels Catholic Church
R50 Rotoura Aratiatia Rapids No Smith
R56 Rotoura Crows Nest Geyser, Taupo No Smith
R60 Rotoura Steaming Cliffs, Rotomahana No Smith
R61 Rotoura Twins and Inferno, Tikitere No Smith
R77 Rotoura Maori Children Diving for Pennies, Whakarewarewa No Smith
S3 Stratford Broall Way, Stratford
T5 Taumarunui The Landing, Ongarue River, Taumarunui
T6 Taumaranui Taumaranui, Pan 1 A
T7 Taumaranui Taumaranui, Pan 1B
T8 Taumaranui Taumaranui,  Pan 1C
T9 Taumaranui Taumaranui, Pan 1D
T10 Taumaranui Taumaranui, Pan 1E
T11 Taumaranui Taumaranui, Pan 2A
T12 Taumarunui Taumarunui, Pan 2B
TA2 Te Aroha Te Aroha from The Domain, Pan B
TA5 Te Aroha Main St, Te Aroha
TA8 Te Aroha In the Domain, Te Aroha
TA9 Te Aroha Entrance to Gardens, Te Aroha, showing Cadman Bath Buildings
TA11 Te Aroha Te Aroha Mountain from Waihou
TA13 Te Aroha Waihou River and Traffic Bridge, Te Aroha
TA15 Te Aroha No 8 Spring, Te Aroha
TA18 Te Aroha The Bald Spur Track, Te Aroha
TAU Te Awamutu Anglican Church, Te Awamutu
TK1 Te Kuiti General view, Te Kuiti
TK3 Te Kuiti Maori Meeting House, Te Kuiti
TK4 Te Kuiti Main St, TeKuit,i looking north
TK10 Te Kuiti Te Kuiti, Pan B
TK11 Te Kuiti Te Kuiti, Pan C
TS1 Thames Thames, Pan A
TS2 Thames Thames, Pan B
TS3 Thames Thames, Pan C
TS5 Thames Thames, N.Z, from Irish Hill Looking South, Pan B
TS6 Thames Thames, N.Z, from Irish Hill Looking South, Pan C
TS7 Thames Pollen St, Thames
TS8 Thames Pollen St, Thames, looking North
TS10 Thames Queen St, Thames, PO & Harbour Bd Offices showing Police Station
TS11 Thames Thames, Showing Wharf and Railway Station
TS12 Thames The Fishing Fleet, Thames
W2 Waipakarau Waipakarau, Looking West
W6 Waipakarau Pukeora Sanatorium, Waipakarau
W1 Wanganui Race Course Gardens, Wanganui
W3 Wanganui Castlecliff Beach, Wanganui
W6 Wanganui The Hospital, Wanganui
W7 Wanganui Victoria Ave Bridge
W8 Wanganui Maria Place, Wanganui
W9 Wanganui Victoria Ave
W10 Wanganui Victoria St, Wanganui
W11 Wanganui Ridgway Street, Wanganui
W12 Wanganui Hotel Braeburn, Wanganui
W14 Wanganui The Sarjeant Art Galley, Wanganui
W16 Wanganui Dublin St Bridge, Wanganui
W17 Wanganui Virgina Lake, Wanganui
W18 Wanganui Wanganui Collegiate School
W19 Wanganui Wanganui River looking towards Aramoho
W20 Wanganui The Convent, Wanganui
W21 Wanganui Durie Hill from Moutoa Gardens
W23 Wanganui The Suprme Court from Moutoa Gardens
W24 Wanganui Wanganui, N.Z, Pan A
W25 Wanganui Wanganui, N.Z, Pan B
W26 Wanganui Wanganui, Pan C
W27 Wanganui Wanganui, Pan D
W28 Wanganui Wanganui, from St Johns Hill, Pan C
W29 Wanganui Wanganui, from St Johns Hill, Pan F
X68 Wellington (Greetings) Lambton Quay, Wellington
No # Trentham Trentham Rifle Club
No # Wellington Xmas, Lambton Quay
No # Wellington Hearty Good, Oriental Bay, Wellington
No # Wellington No Description
No # Wellington Wellington, New Zealand
No # Wellington No Description
No # Wellington The Boat Harbour, Wellington, N.Z
No # Wellington Custon House Quay, Showing GPO
No # Wellington Lioness and Cubs
No # Wellington The Cubs and George
No # Wellington Happy Xmas, The Wharf, Wellington
No # Wellington Reservior, Wainui-o-mata
No # Wellington Memory, Wellington from Tinakori Hills
No # Wellington PANORAMA of Newtown, Wellington
No # Wellington PANORAMA of Wellington
No # Maranui Maranui Junction
No # Christchurch PANORAMA of Christchurch