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the chas lilley memorial award

Chas Lilley

The Chas Lilley Memorial Award (Certificate).

In July 2011, the Chas Lilley Memorial Award was created and is made annually for the best contribution to the Postcard Pillar Journal. It is awarded at the New Zealand Postcard Society AGM for the best researched article, the most interesting article, or a group of articles from a single member. A selected person(s) by one of the NZPS Officers or Committee will appoint a judge.

The first award was made in 2011 at the Tauranga Convention/AGM to Alan Jackson for his article “Muir and Moodie Undivided Back Postcards of Canterbury” (pages 7-17 Postcard Pillar Issue 92, July 2011)

Chas Lilley was the Founding President of the New Zealand Postcard Society from its inception in 1983 through to 1990. He then was Newsletter Editor until 1993, was elected as a Life Member in 2003 and was elected as Patron in 2007. He was a member of the Committee throughout this period. Chas always supported the Society and its members in a myriad of ways. In his professional capacity as a dealer in cards, owning The Stamp Shop in New Plymouth for 33 years, he travelled extensively in Britain and Australia, bringing back cards to excite collectors. Chas had collected cards himself since 1935, with extensive personal collections of cards of Taranaki, Maoris, and of course his beloved London theme.

Chas was involved in nearly every postcard event in NZ, and actively promoted the hobby. He encouraged casual visitors to collect postcards, and looked for cards to fit collectors’ interests.

When the Society succeeded in establishing picture postcards as an exhibiting class within the philatelic framework, Chas was one of the first to qualify as a judge although, of course, he had been involved in judging and appraising displays and exhibits for many years prior to that.

Chas was a regular contributor to the Postcard Society journal ‘Postcard Pillar’, sending in choice items, or writing articles on the interesting highways and byways of the hobby. Members’ collections gained from the help Chas gave, not just in acquiring cards but also through his unrivalled knowledge of cards, the associated photographers or producers, and the methods of production. He was also a great raconteur. Visitors to his shop or his stand at exhibitions and fairs, often spent an enjoyable time listening to stories of his adventures in the search for
postcards. Chas passed away in early 2011.

Recipients of the Chas Lilley memorial award

Year award presented Recipient Article title Published in Postcard Pillar Comments
Nik Zangouropoulos
David James Aldersley Revisited
Issue no.139
Jenny Long
Christmas cards and postcards from a NZ album
Issue no.135
Marilyn Gendek
Keeping in touch: Postcards from a nurse at war
Issue no.131
Tie for first place
Mike Cooke/Alan Jackson/Robert Rush/Jeff Long
Muir and Moodie framed vignettes of the Milford Sound area
Issue no.131
Tie for first place
Jenny Long
A.D. Willis and Benoni White Maori art cards
Issue no.127
Glenn Reddiex
Through a shop window
Issue no.124
Gary Davies
Sophia, Bella, Maggie: Signed Maori Guide Postcards
Issue no.s 116-119
Peter Gilderdale
A Postcard Cinderella: Why Greetings Cards matter
Issue no.116
Tie for first place
Lorenzo Giardiello
Evolution of Silk postcards
Issue no.113
Tie for first place
Donal Duthie
Stewart Island postcards from the Fergusson and Taylor Glossine Series
Issue no.112
Jeff Briggs
Daily Mail War Postcards
Issue no.107
Gary Davies
Offensive to Everyone
Issue no.101
Bill Main & Jenny Long
Border Negatives
Issue no.99
Jeff Long
William Thompson Wilson
Issue no.96
2011 (inaugural)
Alan Jackson
Muir and Moodie - undivided back postcards of Canterbury
Issue no.92

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