NZ Postcard Society

The Society was set up in 1983 and was registered as an Incorporated Society in 2001.

Benefits of Membership of the New Zealand Postcard Society:

  • The Society helps you extend your knowledge of your own collections
  • You receive four issues per annum of the Postcard Pillar, full of informative articles
  • The Members Only section of this website contains articles on Photographers, Publishers etc.
  • You can participate in the Society’s postal auctions held several times each year
  • The Society holds a weekend Convention each year, with a dealers fair, talks by members, and the AGM
  • The Society encourages members to exhibit their collections at exhibitions. 



Become a Member


Individual and family memberships: $45 per member or family, or $40 if paid by 31 October.

Overseas membership: $50 per member, or $45 if paid by 31 October.

Youth membership: Half the appropriate adult rate, for members under 18 years of age on the first day of the financial year.



For further information email the Secretary at


What's New ?

The New Zealand Postcard Society Website is currently undergoing a few changes. 

  • A new Buy/Sell section is now up and running to cater for classified ads from postcard buyers, sellers and dealers. Please contact the secretary for further information.
  • Do you have a postcard that you cannot identify the location or subject matter in? A new 'Where am I' page will soon be available for NZPS members to display these mystery postcards from their collections. 
  • The new 'Feature Postcard' page is accessed from the link below. It will cycle through a display of unusual, scarce or attractive looking postcards on a regular basis.


   - Image No.1 - Geraldine, NZ